We invented the original Electric Rat Trap that utilizes batteries to humanely exterminate rodents – Still the best rat trap and mouse trap available!

As Seen on Discovery's "Gold Rush"


The Infrared Raticator Max

Breakthrough Technology Including a Hi-Tech Delivery System!
100% Effective!  Increased Battery Life!
Approx. 1 Year Per Set of 4 “D” Cell Batteries (not included).
Humanely Exterminates Both Mice And Rats!
Poison Free!  Environmentally Preferred!

The Raticator Plus

Increased Battery Life!
Now Approx. 6 months on 4 “AA” Batteries (not included).
Clean and Easy to Operate!  Poison Free!
Humanely Exterminates Both Mice And Rats!
Environmentally Preferred!!

Infared Detecting System


Never Touch a Dead Rodent Again!

Wish you could get rid of mice and rats with no mess, no hassles… and no poison or inhumane traps? Stop wishing! Meet the rat and mouse trap that can do the job!

The Environmental Choice!

Our packaging and product are made with recycled materials. Raticators utilize solid state electronics for years of reliable performance.